Herzlich Wilkommen zum 2018

First of all I’d like to wish you…

Ein frohes, neues Jahr!

I have spent the summer holidays studying an inspiring course run by the Goethe Institut.  It’s one of their DLL (Deutsch Lehrer Lernen) courses (an internationally recognised certificate in teaching German).  They’ve been focusing a lot on supporting Teachers of young children, which is the area I am passionate about.  This course is DaF für Kinder DLL 8.  It is about teaching German as a Foreign Language to young children.

I have been so inspired by the course.  And so humbled that many of the participants (it’s an online course, with students from all over the world) are pursuing it so that they can help refugees that are finding new homes in Germany and Austria.  How fabulous is that!

I have been so inspired to re-think and re-design a lot of our German learning activities. I can’t wait to get into the year, and see how this learning impacts my teaching throughout the year!

In my readings today, I have found my motto for the year – this is going to be my guiding star for 2018.

Bewegung ist das Tor zum Lernen (1)

The quote is from my readings, in the DLL textbook, Chapter 4, which talks about a Primary School concept, der bewegten Schule (lit. the moving school).  The quote in English says “Movement is the gate to learning” and I can’t wait to implement it more in my lessons!

Bis später!

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