Herzlich Wilkommen!!

I’m so glad you’re here!

This site is here to help you remember what we have done in class and find things to help you practise. Enjoy

Each grade has their own page which links to activities on the topics we are learning.

  • Kindergarten = Kindergarten (that’s a German word!)
  • Year 1 = Klasse 1
  • Year 2 = Klasse 2
  • Year 3 = Klasse 3
  • Year 4 = Klasse 4
  • Year 5 = Klasse 5
  • Year 6 = Klasse 6

What English word does Klasse look like to you?


I have created a page for each grade that covers the topics we are learning. I’ll try to keep it up to date with what’s happening in class right now, but you should be able to search for things on the topics if I’m running a little behind.

I can’t wait to share our learning journey together!