Klasse 1



Klasse 1 has been learning about Celebrations this year.  In German we have taken the opportunity to learn about some special German Celebrations.

In November, children celebrate Martinstag with Laterne.  Here’s a video of his story.


Here’s a popular song to be sung during the Lantern Parade Laterneumzug

During Advent, many German families count down the days until Jesus’ birthday with an adventskranz.  Here’s a video we watched that explains where the tradition comes from.

We have loved learning about two different people, who lived at different times, who loved Jesus and lived the way He wanted them to!



Languages Apps for Kids

If you’re keen to get your children practising some German (or other languages) at home, here are some great apps I can recommend:

Gus on the Go

Gus on the Go: German, iOS and Android language app for kids

This is a simple and engaging app that encourages mastery of vocabulary related to key topics including transport, food and animals.

Students unlock games by revising key vocabulary.  Trophies are awarded for correctly identifying words.

It’s a paid app (about the same as a cup of coffee!) which is great because there are no ads. It’s available for iphones and android.

It’s also available in a range of other languages.

Another fantastic app for children is LinguPinguin, which is also available in a range of languages.  Here’s a link to a preview clip that shows you how it works.


Again, the focus is on a range of simple topic-based vocabulary.

If you’d like more ideas for activities for practising German with your children, keep an eye on the blog, or contact me through the school office / via this blog!

Wir lernen zählen!

We are learning to count.

Here is a great video link if you would like to practise counting with your family.  There are explanations in English so you know what to do!

Your family might recognise the word luftballon from a popular song from the 80s!  See if they can tell you what it means before you watch the video 😀


We have learned how to say:

Ich bin ein Mädchen / Ich bin ein Junge

your student can tell you how to say them and what they mean.

We are also starting numbers.  Here is a lovely video the children are enjoying:

Herzlich Wilkommen!

Year 1 started German this term with Frau Ferguson, but Frau Holmes is back this week.

So far we have started thinking about what we’d like to be able to say so that we can make friends with someone who speaks German.  The children have had fabulous ideas, and you will start to hear these phrases as they learn each week.

We also discovered the celebration that German children have on their first day of school – it is a very special day and the whole family celebrates.

The children are given “Schultüten” which are big cones filled with fabulous things to help them as they start school.  Something special might appear for each year 1 child in the coming weeks!

The first phrase we learned was “Wie heisst du?” (vee highst doo) which means “What’s your name?” – the answer is “Ich heisse….” (ich highsir…. ).

If you’d like to learn it too, there’s a great video here: