Klasse 2

Hallo!  Wie geht’s?

Mir ist kalt!

Today we learned how to say “I am cold” – perfect for such a chilly morning.

We have been enjoying learning about Winter words, through Games, Stories and Songs.  Here is a fun video about “Schnee” by Piggeldy und Frederick.  Can you hear it?

We played games to learn lots of Winter Words.  Lots of words have “Schnee” in them:

Schneemann, Schneeflocke, Schneeball!

Can you guess what they are?


Wir machen Schneeflocken.

L thought that the glitter looked a lot like Schnee.

We watched Piggeldy und Frederick.  We could hear lots of words we know.  We heard:

Schnee          Weiss            Ohren                Nase

Listen and see what you can hear.


Here are some photos of our Schneeflocken…


Guten Tag!

Klasse 2 has been learning all about “Die Farben” (Colour) this term.

We have been reading and acting out the story “Kleiner Weißer Fisch” by Guido van Genechten.  We can join in reading out the colour words and the names of the animals.

See if you can tell your family what these words mean?

Bist du meine Mama?

Nein ich bin …

Krebs.  Ich bin rot!

Seestern. Ich bin orange!

Schnecke.  Ich bin gelb!

Schildkröte. Ich bin grün!

Wal. Ich bin blau!

Tintenfisch. Ich bin violett!

Ja!  Ich habe alle Farben des Regenbogens!


Here’s a fun song to practise the colours: