Klasse 4

Today we are continuing our Taguls about Geographical Formations.

I will try to post some of your amazing Taguls here on our page

If you want help remembering how to do it, watch this video:


We will start describing a significant landform in German.  Can you remember some describing words?   We will discuss them today in class.

We have 3 words for “it” in German.

Es = das words

Er = der words

Sie = die words

Es ist ….  / Er ist ….  / Sie ist …

Es / Er / Sie heisst …. (name)

kurz (short) vs lang (long)

gross vs klein

riesig = gigantic

sehr = very

Gott hat er/sie/es gemacht.


You may need to use a dictionary today in your activities.  Leo.org is a good one.