Germany, WW1 & WW2: What we Know & Want to Know

This week in German we discussed what we already Know, what we Want to Know about Germany, WWI and WW2.

At the end of our unit we will revisit our ideas, and see what we understood correctly.

What would you add to our list?

What do you think we will learn?



  • Germany started the war
  • Many countries helped each other
  • a lot of people risked their lives for us
  • The English declared war
  • A lot of people died
  • They fought over countries
  • Spain and Russia owned Germany during the great war
  • What weapons
  • Adolf Hitler started WW1
  • Sir John Monash fought (on $100 note)
  • They used guns, army, dogs, horses and C4
  • they had weapons
  • Hitler was in WW1 as a soldier.
  • The shooting of Franz Ferdinand – shot by Serbians
  • 1914-18
  • millions of Jews got killed in 1916
  • Caused by assassination of Prince of Hungary
  • Everyone started to leave

Want to know

  • how it ended
  • what aircraft they used
  • who were some of the main fighters?
  • what guns did the Germans use?
  • who started WWI
  • when was World War I started?
  • how many people fought?
  • If Hitler had died in WW1 would WW2 have happened?
  • How did it start?
  • what was the purpose of it?
  • everything important about the war!
  • How did the war unfold?
  • Why did they shoot Franz Ferdinand?
  • Which countries were involved?
  • More about the Red Baron
  • The youngest soldier
  • How did it end?



  • They fought over countries
  • Adolf Hitler hated Jews
  • Adolf Hitler was a Nazi
  • Adolf Hitler was leader of the Nazis
  • Concentration Camps
  • The Nazis trapped a lot of Jewish people
  • Some of our families fought in the war
  • Hitler, Swastika symbol
  • Hitler committed suicide & killed his family
  • Hitler started WW2
  • Hitler was attacked by a bomb but survived

Want to know:

  • How did it start?
  • Where did it start?
  • When did it start?
  • How did Hitler rise to power
  • If they said WWI was going to be the first and last war why was there WW2
  • Hitler’s childhood / history
  • Why it started
  • How did Hitler die?



  • have a good soccer team
  • Capital City:  Berlin
  • Powerful war country
  • Sausages

Want to know

  • Why are there two parts of Germany?
  • How to speak German better


In Year 6 we will explore what was happening in Germany that led to World War I & World War II.  It will help us to understand more recent German history – like:

  • why there was West Germany & East Germany
  • why there was a wall dividing Berlin into East & West
  • why the wall came down!

It will lay the foundation for us to research how different people used opportunities to resist what Hitler was doing, and to complete a presentation in German about these heroes.

It will also prepare students for their Semester 2 Literature Unit.


Herzlich Wilkommen!

Welcome to German!

In Kindergarten this year we will have a fabulous time learning German together through games, songs and other activities.

Whenever we watch a video or learn a song at school, I will share it with you on this blog so you can join in at home.

Starting school in Germany is a very exciting and important adventure.  Families celebrate with a special party, cake, and a very special gift called a Schultüte.


WinterFest kommt bald dran!

WinterFest is nearly here!

It will be lots of fun.  Come along and bring your friends.

You will have lots of fun activities to do:  Schlittschuhlaufen, Schneespielen, Singen, Tanzen, Laterne-machen, und vieles leckeres Essen zum essen!

Can you work out what any of those words mean?

Don’t forget there will be a Lantern Parade – you will be able to paint your very own lantern for the parade.

Year 1 will be learning more about this later in the year.  Older students should remember what the Lantern parade is about:  Martinstag (Sankt Martin).  See if your students can remember the story of St Martin.

Here is a link to one of the songs we will be singing – you might remember it!




Ich lerne auch

I’m learning too!

Today I am at a conference for language teachers.

I get to practise my German as well as learn about teaching.

I have been given some great new prizes for you.

Can you understand any of the German words on the badges?


World War II Resistance Heroes

In year 6, we have been exploring the theme of power and how it relates to World War II.

In German, we are learning about some people who were brave enough to use their power to stand up against Hitler.

Today we practised how to describe our hero in German.

Wie heisst du?       Ich heisse…

Ich komme aus …

Ich spreche…

Mein Spitzname…

Mein Geburtstag ist am…

Ich bin ein Junge / Mädchen.

Ich bin…






Hi there!

Hi there,

I’m Frau Holmes.  I teach German, and I just love it!

I’ve built this site to help my students practise what we are learning, share it with their families and catch up any activities they may have missed due to tutorials or absences.

I also hope it might help some other German Teachers out there, especially those working in the Primary Years.

Hope to see you around!