Oster in Deutschland: Bunte Eier!

Colourful Eggs!

Every shop I go to has colourful Easter Eggs, like this.



These were in the bakery, ready to buy!

You can buy them already coloured like these.

Or you can buy the dye kits to do it yourself at home.

I even saw a little holder for your egg that allows you to paint it easily (I’ll try to get one later!).



Sometimes shopkeepers give you an egg from their basket.  A lady in a bookshop gave me one today!


It was a great snack!


Have you ever dyed eggs with your family at Easter?


German States 1815

This week we are exploring what “Germany” was like before it became Germany.

You will be given some maps, and you’ll need to draw some different things on them, to help you understand how Germany and other nations, have changed over time.

The challenges, and the links are listed below!


Challenge:  What was there before Germany?

German States, 1815.  The link is here.

Draw the shape of these states on your current map of Germany.

Prussia is a German state as well.  Include it, but show in a different colour.

The key on the map will help you understand how big Germany was, and which parts were Prussian.

Challenge:  Why become one nation?

Read the paragraph underneath the map.  Answer the questions on your sheet.

What do you think these words mean:

  • Nationalism
  • Alliances

They were important factors in both WW1, and WW2.  We will talk about them more soon!

Challenge:  German Empire 1871

Read the information on your sheet, and look at the map here

Compare it to the original map you drew – what has changed.  Use a different colour to show the lands that Bismarck took over.