Why Learning Languages is never wasted!

I stumbled across this article thanks to Simone Smala – a leading researcher in the field of Content & Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).

It has some great points on how the learning of a language can benefit children, even if they never achieve fluency.

The assumption that there’s no point to learning/teaching a language if a person won’t become fluent in it / earn money/get a job because of it is a big stumbling block to the experience and delivery of quality language programs, especially in Australia, where the capitalist mind-set says that it’s only useful to learn an Asian language because we might benefit financially from that.  No one seems to ever challenge these assumptions, not even with the obvious question:  which Asian language? Because you would still be excluding most of them by only choosing one!

Learning Languages has so many other benefits, including developing open mindsets, respect and an attitude of hospitality to those around us.  I love the way this article demonstrates this so delightfully through sharing the language experiences of a child.

Click here to watch the video – it’s worth the moment it takes to watch.  It summarises the article (link here).