Winterfest – Schneeflocken

Year 1 have made beautiful Schneeflocken to sell at the Winterfest.

All of Year 1 have had fun making them with lots of love.

They have been learning how to tell you their name in German.

They will answer the question “Wie heisst du?” with “Ich heisse …” at the Craft Stall to buy their Schneeflocke.

We can’t wait until Friday evening when the Winter Festival is on!

Come along for lots of yummy food, fun things to do and things to buy!


This post is written by 1B





Es ist Winter!

Es ist Winter!


It’s not long until our WinterFest!  I hope you can join us for some European Wintry Fun! Keep an eye out for information in the Newsletter!

Have you seen the German Tree in the Library?

It looks like a true Winterbaum!  It is covered in glitzende Schneeflocken that Year 2 made for me.


Winter = Winter

Baum = tree

Glitzende = glittering

Schneeflocke = snowflake



WinterFest kommt bald dran!

WinterFest is nearly here!

It will be lots of fun.  Come along and bring your friends.

You will have lots of fun activities to do:  Schlittschuhlaufen, Schneespielen, Singen, Tanzen, Laterne-machen, und vieles leckeres Essen zum essen!

Can you work out what any of those words mean?

Don’t forget there will be a Lantern Parade – you will be able to paint your very own lantern for the parade.

Year 1 will be learning more about this later in the year.  Older students should remember what the Lantern parade is about:  Martinstag (Sankt Martin).  See if your students can remember the story of St Martin.

Here is a link to one of the songs we will be singing – you might remember it!