Which language would you like with that?

We have arrived in the UK, and already I love the way I can see how people are aware of some other languages that are spoken.

We popped into McDonald’s for some familiar food yesterday…  The kids love to use the screens to order their own meals.  Look what we saw!


Have you ever seen this before?

maccas languages 1

We had a look at the French screen:


maccas languages 3

And the German screen:


maccas languages 2

Are there any words you can work out?


Can you find out what the other languages are?


Can’t wait to tell you more!


Frau Holmes!






Alles Gute zum Schulanfang!

Herzlich Wilkommen!

Some new Kindergarten classes started their German learning journey this term!  In celebration, I have given them all a small Schultüte, (school bag) which is something children in Germany receive on their first day of school!

Starting school in Germany is a significant milestone, just as it is here, but it’s possibly even more important.  The family will celebrate together, and the new student will receive a Schultüte packed with treats and things they need, including a backpack.

If you’d like to read more about it, we read together from herealles gute zum schulanfang.jpg.

I hope you check back in regularly to see what we are learning!



Es ist Winter!

Es ist Winter!


It’s not long until our WinterFest!  I hope you can join us for some European Wintry Fun! Keep an eye out for information in the Newsletter!

Have you seen the German Tree in the Library?

It looks like a true Winterbaum!  It is covered in glitzende Schneeflocken that Year 2 made for me.


Winter = Winter

Baum = tree

Glitzende = glittering

Schneeflocke = snowflake


Funkel Funkel Kleiner Stern

This is the name of a song you know quite well:  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

We are learning this in German in Kindergarten.

We heard a German story called “Sterntaler” – it is a fairy tale about a girl who gives away everything she has, but then stars fall from the sky to give her new clothes and coins.

Here is a shadow puppet show of the story (in German).  We listened to an English explanation in class.


Here is a link to a lovely sing-along video of the song.

Viel Spaß!


Herzlich Wilkommen!

Welcome to German!

In Kindergarten this year we will have a fabulous time learning German together through games, songs and other activities.

Whenever we watch a video or learn a song at school, I will share it with you on this blog so you can join in at home.

Starting school in Germany is a very exciting and important adventure.  Families celebrate with a special party, cake, and a very special gift called a Schultüte.